Environment, research, ethics and communication

Not only the worldwide recession but most notably the climate change, the dependence on fossil resources and the demographic development is providing our planet and mankind with new challenges. A paradigm shift seems to be long overdue to implement a sustainable economy and to ensure the sensible use of our resources.

The future perspective - beginning today - needs to deal with embracing all of our growing knowledge.

The fourth of the project series Overtures already started in 2000 is laid out as an open trans-disciplinary forum for the research and development of innovative and experimental formats of communication.

What is the role that art can play concerning the climate debate? What values need to be redefined, conserved or rediscovered? What needs to be changed regarding the limitations of our resources, the changing climate and the threats of globalization? How are innovations and new ideas implemented in today’s economy? What does a lifestyle look like that is based on sustainability in view of future generations? How promising are alternative lifestyles and living conditions? And what level of personal responsibility do we take for our local and international actions?

14. December 2009
United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP15)

Overtures is presenting two artists films: Calling the Glacier by Kalle Laar (D) and Agua Benita by René Francisco (Cuba) at the Development & Climate (D&C) Days film festival | Koncerthuset (The Concert House) Copenhagen

Organised by the International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED), the International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD) and the Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI).

12. - 15. Dezember 2009
Digital Arts and Culture 2009 (DAC09): after media, embodiment and context | University of California Irvine | Papers and presenters in 'Environment / sustainability / climate change': Call me! Calling the glacier | Kalle Laar

Klimaherbst München 2009 / Climate Autumn Munich | Overtures - Cultural areas in post-fossil times | An open transdisciplinary forum concentrating on presentations and discussions on tzhe topic of energy.

10. Havana Biennial, Cuba 2009 | Overtures 4 | agua benita von René Francisco und ethics disco von Kalle Laar | La Habana llama al glaciar! Un diálogo entre Cuba y Los Alpes

Transmediale 2009 Berlin | Festival for art and digital culture | Overtures at Deep North

ars electronica Linz 2008 | Ethic Works | amina Foundation | Kalle Laar: ethics disco

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