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curators and sponsorship


Studenten der Kunsthochschule (Norwegen / Norway)

Arbeiten auf Papier, Installationen und Multimedia präsentieren ausgewählte Ergebnisse eines interdisziplinären Workshops zum Thema ‚Wasser, Kommunikation, Technologie’.

Line of communication
Installations, creations on paper and multimedia present selected results of interdisciplinary workshops concerning the subjects water, communication, technology.

Goril Wallin
Household refuse frozen in blocks of ice. Objects and materials found in the vicinity of the exhibition were frozen and installed in a glass-fronted freezer cabinet.

Martin Woll Godal
After millions of years of evolution, the human body still consists of approximately 75% water. Based on the text "Was the humble sponge earth´s first animal?" from "National Geographic" I have made a series of 15 drawings mixing with "fact".

Roar Hatteland
To enjoy a fountain in rainy weather can be frustrating, but to walk 5 hours to get 10 liters of drinking water is an act of significance. Drawings printed on postcards.

Arne Bakke
Journey: travelling through time and space; this voyage of water touches upon Death and Life.

Tua Broms
One thousand tiny ceramic bowls, each one just large enough to contain a single drop of water.

Lillian Samdal
Porous materials are used to make vessel-like objects. These are then filled with water and left until a reaction occurs.